Got to Go Home!

Hello everyone!! Just wanted to update everyone. We got to come home Thursday!! So far everything is still right on track with recovery and I feel AMAZING!! The Doctors say I am doing far better than most. I honestly feel that this is true because of God’s blessings, a positive attitude, and especially everyone’s prayers. For this, I thank each and every one of you! It’s amazing and a true blessing the support we have received. Have no doubt we have a LONG road ahead. At this point, I basically have no immune system. So for the next several months, I will be very vulnerable to any illness or infection. What would give someone with a normal immune system the sniffles has the potential to basically kill me. I have to be very careful where I go, who I’m around, and what I eat because of this. We are also working on getting all the medications and anti-rejection drugs at the proper dosages. This will be an ongoing process for the next several months. I will have to commute to Vanderbilt once per week for the next 6 weeks as long as we have no complications. My donor is doing great in his recovery as well. Once again thank you all for the prayers and support. Please keep them coming!! We have a long way to go.

God bless and love you all,

Joe Tex.

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