Release from Vandy!

Hello everyone!! I was released from Vanderbilt today!! We are currently in medical housing here close to the hospital for the next few weeks as I stabilize and go to extensive follow up visits. I feel AMAZING!! God has truly blessed us beyond explanation. We still have a long road ahead as we sort out all the medications and anti-rejection drugs and dosages. I have close to 20 medications that have to be taken at exact times and doses throughout the day. I also have to document all activity, blood pressures, temperature, weight, and several other things. Basically a full time job staying alive!! Please continue to pray for my donor. He has not been released from the hospital yet due to some pain management issues but is recovering well nonetheless. We are hoping to see him get to go home tomorrow.

We want to thank everyone for the prayers, love, and support you all have extended to us throughout this ordeal. It has been a great motivation and has helped us both beyond descriptions. We will continue to keep everyone posted as best we can as we continue to move forward. Thank you all and God bless!!

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